Green Velvet Custom-Made Bella

bella costume used

Costume includes:
Bra, Belt, Mermaid Skirt, Sleeves, Headband, and Veil.

I loved this costume when I bought it, but I have a personal trainer now, and I can just barely fit into it. It's a custom-made, Bella direct from Istanbul. The design and style are fantastic for making a skinny girl look curvy. Stretch Velvet Mermaid skirt with chiffon inserts and tear-drop cut-outs across the front. Separate Turkish-style belt with asymmetrical design and cut-outs along the hips. The asymmetrical design of the belt is echoed in the bra, also with gorgeous cut-outs. Full fringe on the belt and top.

Measurements are Bra: 34-B, Belt 35."max. Skirt is 36" long. There are 3 or 4 broken bead strands in the belt, otherwise, it's in good shape. It's a Bella, so it's very light weight, and very flattering.